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Alpacas Available for Sale

We are experienced and ethical breeders registered with both the AOA and CLAA. Our number one concern is the health and wellbeing of our animals. For those animals we offer for sale, we strive to find them forever homes where they will be happy, healthy, and will bring their future family years of joy. We are also passionate about our animals and alpacas in general, and we want nothing more than to see the customer succeed in their alpaca endeavours. 

Each Purchase Includes

  • Registration papers (Unless otherwise specified)
  • Health Guarantee
  • Reproductive Guarantee for all Breeding Stock
  • Fitted Halter
  • Complete lifetime, after sale support.
  • Discounted Shearing services (within province).

What We Offer

  • Our herd is diverse. Many of our animals are versatile enough to perform well as PR or 4H prospects alongside any breeding and competing duties you may ask of them.
  • Pet, fibre, and companion stock are often available.
  • Our animals have been raised in a family environment, many times from birth.
  • All of our animals are halter trained, trailer trained, and are safe to handle.
  • Alpacas are herd animals that do best when kept with other alpacas. We offer package deals on any purchase of two or more animals.
  • Packages can be customized to fit any preference.
  • We know our animals, and are here to help you find the best fit that suits your interests and needs. - Your Farm. Online.